Sunday, 13 July 2014


Saturday, 1 March 2014


This experience was really great...!!!Watch this really amazing

Sunday, 16 February 2014


    Here we are! We are done with our film and our photo essay! Feeling relieved and elated..!! We really need to thank Mrs. Charu Mathur for giving us this wonderful opportunity to work on a dream documentary. And our teachers..Firstly- we thank our headmistress Mrs. Leena Chaudhari, and supervisor Mrs. Havnoorkar for allowing us to miss many lectures and having faith in us. Then we thank our coordinator- Mrs. Varsha Damle, and our librarian- Mrs. Khadilkar for guiding us throughout the project. We thank all the experts:
  • Dr. Vivek Bele
  • Dr. Aditya Kelkar- National Institute of Ophthalmology (N.I.O.)
  • Mr. Mangesh Kale- Precision Automation and Robotics India Limited (P.A.R.I.)
  • Dr. Vijay Sathe- National Centre for Cell Sciences (N.C.C.S.)
  • Ms. Asmita Chougule and Mr. Alok Deshpande- Shooting and Technicalities
  • Team Amigos.

    We hope we have stood up to their expectations..Once again..Thank you all!!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014


We are almost done with the shooting and now comes the most difficult part- the editing!!! Because it is more difficult to decide what 'not' to keep in the film rather than to decide what to keep. As mentioned earlier, our working shifts were real fun. We have shot different scenes with a number of shots in each. And now it's time for us to club them all together!!! This is going to be a learning and a memorable experience!!!
The software used for EDITING (Windows Movie Maker) 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Visiting "AMIGOS" with our amigos was real fun and was also a great help for our project. We received great cooperation from them. 

The day we finalized our topic and started researching the first thought that struck our mind was a visit to the N.I.O. We interviewed Dr Aditya Kelkar,  wherein we got to know the actual applications of laser in the field of ophthalmology and surprisingly got to know that lasers are the most vital part of their treatments. We were lucky enough to actually see a treatment going on. We could also see the high-end treatment and surgery machines and their techniques.Overall it was a wonderful experience and we received their co-operation which truly is helping us with our project. We really are thankful to Dr Aditya Kelkar and the whole team of the N.I.O for being very supportive and believing in us...!!!

3- P.A.R.I (Precision Automation and Robotics India Limited)
This is a workshop near Shirwal Pune where laser cutting, welding, plasma cutting and non destructive testing take place. We were fortunate enough that we could visit this renowned place. But to our bad luck we reached there when it was lunch time. But even then, Mr Rajkumar spared his time and showed the possible machines working. We could only see the FIBRE LASER CUTTING MACHINE, but it was an amazing sight. We returned back to school with our minds thinking one step ahead..!!! 

4- N.C.C.S. (National Centre for Cell Sciences)
We went to N.C.C.S. situated inside the Pune University Campus with our coordinator Mrs. Damle. We already had done our homework about the work happening there. It really was easy to understand the complex work being done there. The scientist explained us the use of lasers in identification of proteins. He told us about the MALDI TOF/TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Disoption Ionisation Time Of flight/Time Of Flight). This instrument is a mass spectrometer used for proteomics. It is used to determine the types of proteins and pep-tides. He also informed us about the Laser 355 Nanometer. It is used for soft ionization. Ions generated are subjected to determination of the exact mass of those ions. All that was something really very new for us. Laser is indeed a magic wand, doing miracles in the field of medicine.
Dr. Aditya Kelkar at N.I.O

Sunday, 9 February 2014


None of us had ever handled a VIDEO CAMERA before, leave alone shoot a whole documentary and therefore 'THE SHOOT' was a once in a life time experience. Since we were all novices in this field we consulted an expert film editor from F.T.I.I. who gave us tips on LiGhTs, SoUnD,ScRiPt wRitIng.....etc. On 9th February we gathered at our friend's house and shot the various scenes which we had planned.Other than learning we thoroughly enjoyed this process and had a BLAST!!!!!!!
The black board of our science lab.
Our young minds at work. Lots of fun!!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


How difficult could choosing a theme for a JUNIOR SCOOP be !!!..Or so we thought as we sat together for our first brainstorming session.Theme after theme on SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY got trashed making us more disillusioned on the choice of our theme !! Endless discussions with teachers,parents and experts followed,and guess what...???
Our "EUREKA" moment arrived !!!

         It's time to reveal the crux..'' LASERS !!! ''

And once the theme got decided,things started getting clearer and clearer.This made us a little relieved by the fact that we had something concrete to work on !!And there...our real work started..!!!!